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Châlucet’s fortress and the adjacent forest park of Ligoure offer particularly interesting landscapes, botanical features and birdlife. They are included in the listed Briance Valley site and registered as a natural area of particular interest in terms of ecology or wildlife (a Zone naturelle d’intérêt écologique, faunistique et floristique or ‘Znieff’).

Sessile oak
Lime tree
Mouse-eared bat
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The steep slopes of the Ligoure and Briance valleys include beech and oak groves very typical of the region’s forests. Along the water’s edge, we find hygrophilous forest trees including alder and ash, along with a few lime trees.

Botanical features

We should note the presence of two ferns which are particularly rare in Limousin: brittle bladder fern and Dickie’s bladder fern which grow on the old walls of ancient ruins.


In the castle ruins, we find several species of bat (European barbastelle), the Lesser horseshoe bat, the Greater horseshoe bat, not forgetting the mouse-eared bat.
A number of interesting bird species have also been reported, including the red kite, the Eurasian wryneck and the common grasshopper warbler.
Among the amphibians, we should note the presence of the yellow-bellied toad, a small toad which loves forest pools and ditches.