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The département’s activities in Ligoure

In 1997, the Département became the owner of 40 hectares of the Ligoure forest range alongside the mediaeval fortress of Châlucet. It manages these forests sustainably, in partnership with the national forestry office and has created a nature trail.

Arrival of the wide load during the construction of the footbridge.
To connect Châlucet and Ligoure, the Département has built an attractive footbridge across the Ligoure.
The car park at the bottom of the Châlucet site is extended.
Keen to improve visitor access in Ligoure, the Département created a nature trail.
Logging, pruning, hauling… site safety work is performed.
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To enable visitors to reach the starting point for the nature trail from the Châlucet reception office, the Département has produced an attractive footbridge straddling the Ligoure. Located at the site of a former ford near the confluence with the Briance, this key feature cost €189,436 inclusive of VAT (jointly financed by the ERDF).

To meet the site’s parking requirements, the car park was also extended.
In all, almost €400,000 have been invested by the Département to upgrade the Ligoure site.